Thoughts on the Firing of the 46 U.S. District Attorneys

United States District Attorneys

Regarding the firing of the U.S. District Attorney Generals. I believe Americans will benefit from this one, and here is why:

Its all about 9/11 and what happened afterwards. After 9-11 there were many many FBI agents who investigated the strong evidence that 9-11 was an inside job. These law enforcement officers did their jobs and filed criminal complaints with the U.S. Attorney’s office and wanted to arrest and open cases against Dick Chaney, and the security company that worked at the Word Trade center etc. These agents found that the DEPUTY U.S. attorneys agreed and wanted go forth with the grand juries et al, BUT they were not allowed to by the politically appointed U.S. Attorneys. Why, because as some of you may remember, when Bush junior took office, his political advisor Karl Rove, fired all the U.S. Attorneys and put in place party LOYAL U.S. attorneys, and that was the end of anyone being charged with causing 9-11.

So yes, U.S. District attorneys are almost always a member of the same political party as the President, and when there is a new party President, the old U.S. Attorneys are always mostly asked to resign. This is NORMAL. Especially when there is some political criminal undertakings going on. So here we see Jeff Sessions publicly firing 46 U.S. District Attorneys, and what is even more unusual is that we see some of these District Attorneys NOT resigning and having to be fired and making a public spectacle and saying how “strange” this is. And of course it is normal.

Now my thoughts behind why this is happening and the public resistance, and why I am supporting Trump, at this time, is that I believe Trump and Session are about to MOVE on all the criminal cases that the FBI wanted to pursue on since 9-11. and of course the biggest district that this affects is NYC and this is why we saw the severe public resistance from the DA there.

What this means is that we are about to see some serious CHARGES and ARRESTS in regard to some serious cover ups of criminal activity, and it will center around NYC. #DontBlink or you will miss the ascension in consciousness, as humanity brings what was heretofore hidden, into the light so we can bring balance, clear it, and move on. I see that as something that has to be done and it is therefore positive and in the best interest of us all. Blessings.

U.S. Financials May Crash in 2016

And so we see that the “Federal” Reserve, which is simply a PRIVATE CORPORATION, is allowed to basically create and control the money for the United States. This in itself is insane. Power corrupts and ultimate power corrupts ultimately. In our slumber we gave away this power. The Universe, thankfully, is about to BALANCE this and return our financials to us. New systems are already in place for us as currency as the OLD system falls apart in 2016. Bitcoin is one of the new systems of currency that is beyond corruption that is available.
The warning sign that will occur prior to the crashing of the U.S. pawnzey scheme is China. They will throw China, its partner, under the bus first. Then the U.S. financial system will likely follow. Learn about Bitcoin at Blessings.

Our Neighborgood

Forming Cosmic Clouds

Ever wonder about our Galactic neighborhood? Well the Universe is broken down into Galaxies, and Galaxies are broken down into systems. A system consists of all the planetary bodies that orbits a particular Star/Sun. Planets, moons etc.

A Solar System is a Star System

Now the use of the word solar to describe ALL star systems is actually incorrect. Systems are actually named after their Stars. It just so happens that one of the recent names of OUR star is Sol. Sol derives from Latin word for Sun. Our Sun is also sometimes referred to as Helios, from its Greek origin. Every Star system is named after its star. E.g. in the Sha system, their star is named Sha. Etc. etc. So saying star system is more accurate.

How Star systems are created

Stars/Suns sometimes burst into supernovas just to coalesce back together again into Star Systemscosmic cloud. Any and all elements that make up planets and all life are contained in these condensed clouds. As these clouds cool they become more dense and eventually combine and their density form nebulas, planets and moons.

The elements that make up a system would be found within the original cloud of matter that congealed and formed the stars and planets. Different areas have different elements depending on the spread of elements throughout the universe. These elements determine the type of life to be formed in that particular galaxy/system/area/planet.

Sometimes a cosmic cloud will collapse to form many different systems that are even light years apart. This is why when you find one system that has one life on a planet, it is likely that the surrounding system will have similar types of life.

Our Neighbors

Since we exist upon our world in this way, you can almost guarantee that there is at least one civilization for every approx. 5 – 7 light years around us. This is a sample of how other civilizations are gathered around our solar system . Sometimes more, sometimes less; this is the average. I our planet, our system has/had all the elements to form life, then it is highly likely that those same elements exist in these neighboring systems, since we all coalesced from the same cosmic clouds. They contain the same elements, nutrients, minerals etc. needed for life similar to ours.

In a 12 light year radius around our planet Earth there are life on other star systems; some being:

Our closest border is Alpha Centurion, then the Barnard System. You can see some of these star systems and their distances here.

The Bernard System

The Bernard system contains a planet which is very much like Earth. They are about 300 of our years in the past. They are going through their period which is similar to our renaissance period.

We will be their UFO’s. As Humans of Earth unite as one planet, we will turn to the stars and meet our neighbors from these more advanced star system. They will introduce themselves to us very shortly. Yes, just like in Star Trek first contact.

Zeta Reticulum

Now the Zetas are very interesting and we have much about them to share. Where do we start?

The Zeta Reticulum are commonly called by some, The Greys. You have undoubtedly seen images of them before. There is however very few who have a complete understanding of them. I will do a separate article on the Greys since there is much information to share about them. Lets just say the Greys are friendly and will play a large part in our First contact with Extra Terrestrial life. I recommend reading the article on The Greys when I finally write it.


First Contact

There is already an ongoing project where our neighbors have been slowly introducing themselves to us. They are waiting for 3 things from us:

1. For Earth Humans to handle some in house matters of removing our own internal Star Trek Enterprise space craftborders and getting along with each other more peacefully and lovingly. More compassionately. Ending our wars etc. It makes no sense for life on External planets to meet us in peace, if we have not learned to make peace with each other yet.

2. They want to meet us as equals, so they are waiting for us to have a deeper understanding of who we truly are so that we will not fear them or believe that they are greater that us, but for us to understand that they are our equals.

3. They are waiting for all humans to be aware that life does exist outside of Earth in abundance. They do not want to just show up and impose this reality on those who are not ready to accept this. They are respecting the free will of those who choose not to believe in their existence.

Once we have shown that we know that ET exist, that we no longer need boarders or fight wars, that we are equal to all other life, internally and externally, they will take this as a sign that we are ready for on the ground contact with them. First contact. Just like on Star Trek.

For now they have been showing themselves every few years above our cities. The greatest demonstration they have done, so far, is what is knows as the Phoenix Lights,  which occurred on March 17, 1997. Where ET’s know as The Yahyel showed their mile long V shaped craft which was seen my thousands of people over Phoenix Arizona.

In closing

All life, all beings in our Galaxy have emerged from a common origin. Our systems were formed from the same stellar material. We will eventually be coming and going between stars as we now come and go between our cities. When we develop and understanding of how teleportation works, we will not only be able to visit these, but many other  planets in star systems far far away.  We are still maturing, within 20 years we will be laying the field where we will travel in space. More and more of our neighbors civilizations will be revealed to us over time. We will form organisations with these other beings and systems. We will be in the stars in no time, due to the emerging souls on Earth, in the form of the new children being born.


Much of the information and ideas for this article comes from teachings I have gleaned from Bashar and The Conversation with God book series and various channelings of Metatron and AA Michael. 

Visons Of The Future Earth: Jury Nullification

Humans awakening and removing their blindfolds

I am starting a new series of articles I will term Visions Of The Future Earth. They will reveal ways that are helpful to Humanity to transform itself.  After all 2013 is the year of Transformation. Transformation is necessary to herald in the New Earth. The Golden Age as predicted by many, including Yeshua(Jesus)

Humans awakening and removing their blindfoldsWhile meditating it came to me in a vision and I was able to see very clearly how easily and effortlessly Humans can and will take back their power. You see they have always held the power but they chose to sleep and slumber for a while and allow their government to take the power and lead them.

Well, ultimately power corrupts ultimately and Earth Governments have surely become and is highly corrupt, highly negative and separative. It is of service of self instead of service of others and the whole. The 1% is leading the 99%. They governments of the Earth is serving a very small minority who has actually been ruling controlling. But change is a constant so all things must change.

But do not fret for those that slept and do not feel ill for those that gorged as they sat on the throne, because both were not aware of what they were doing. Both were experiencing an illusion that served it purpose. Both had their intended experiences. And now in the Age of Aquarius the sleeper has awakened as they hear the clarion call from the trumpets that have sounded and are waking them. I present to you a blue print of how they will take back their power and how easily they will do it. And do so peacefully.

The Legal System and Jury Nullification

As corrupt as the legal system and the government are, it is not anarchy. It is still based on certain precedents and decisions that have to be made. Fortunately the system still allows for, in many ways, the ability for the people, who? the people, to have their day in court and to present their case for a decision in front of a jury of their peers. Anyone can actually sue for anything.

They will rise together as one and systematically nullify all unjust laws. I repeat, it matters not what laws these corrupt men passed in their own slumber, they can all be nullified by the people as unjust using Jury Nullification.

Jury nullification occurs in a trial when a jury acquits a defendant they believe to be guilty of the charges against them. This may occur when members of the jury disagree with the law the defendant has been charged with, or believe that the law should not be applied in that particular case.


A jury verdict contrary to the letter of the law pertains only to the particular case before it. If a pattern of acquittals develops, however, in response to repeated attempts to prosecute a statutory offense, this can have the de facto effect of invalidating the statute. A pattern of jury nullification may indicate public opposition to an unwanted legislative enactment.

As humanity wake up they will alleviate themselves en mass of this Jury Nullification and begin to systemically, easily and effortlessly refuse to honor all unjust laws. The people are the jury and in being so are also the judge, because the jury IS the judge, jury and executioner.

The power has never ever left the whole, the majority. All appearance of the people not having power are only illusionary. Look for Jury Nullification to play a substantial part in the awakening of Earth as humanity strikes down by refusing to honor or convict on any law that it believes does not serve the whole.

Unjust laws that are fit for overruling:

Rights of banks to take people homes claiming non payment of a debt, when they can’t prove that they incurred an debt in the first place.  Banks do not incur a debt; they use the rule of 9 set by the banking laws to create 9 times the money they have. You cant incur a debt for money you create out of thin air or by entering them into a computer. There was no debt to loan out. As soon as humanity awakens to this, it will be one of the first laws to be nullified by the people/jurists.

Consider what this means for a second. Banks will be sued and have to give back ALL the monies they have foreclosed for; not to mention that they will be sued for pain and suffering. It will not be long before….wait for it…..all banks are bankrupt.

And so as the banking system as it is now collapses, humanity will create new systems. I have already suggested one here. The fall of the banking system is inevitable and it will lead to the full nullification of the Federal Reserve, the private bank that is responsible to the unjust banking laws in question. The day is close at hand where America will put an end to a private bank managing their money.

Leave your ideas of other unjust laws that will soon fall and be nullified and I may add them to the article.

Stay tuned for other articles on the Future Visions of Earth as we herald in the Golden Age of Aquarius.


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