Thoughts on the Firing of the 46 U.S. District Attorneys

United States District Attorneys

Regarding the firing of the U.S. District Attorney Generals. I believe Americans will benefit from this one, and here is why:

Its all about 9/11 and what happened afterwards. After 9-11 there were many many FBI agents who investigated the strong evidence that 9-11 was an inside job. These law enforcement officers did their jobs and filed criminal complaints with the U.S. Attorney’s office and wanted to arrest and open cases against Dick Chaney, and the security company that worked at the Word Trade center etc. These agents found that the DEPUTY U.S. attorneys agreed and wanted go forth with the grand juries et al, BUT they were not allowed to by the politically appointed U.S. Attorneys. Why, because as some of you may remember, when Bush junior took office, his political advisor Karl Rove, fired all the U.S. Attorneys and put in place party LOYAL U.S. attorneys, and that was the end of anyone being charged with causing 9-11.

So yes, U.S. District attorneys are almost always a member of the same political party as the President, and when there is a new party President, the old U.S. Attorneys are always mostly asked to resign. This is NORMAL. Especially when there is some political criminal undertakings going on. So here we see Jeff Sessions publicly firing 46 U.S. District Attorneys, and what is even more unusual is that we see some of these District Attorneys NOT resigning and having to be fired and making a public spectacle and saying how “strange” this is. And of course it is normal.

Now my thoughts behind why this is happening and the public resistance, and why I am supporting Trump, at this time, is that I believe Trump and Session are about to MOVE on all the criminal cases that the FBI wanted to pursue on since 9-11. and of course the biggest district that this affects is NYC and this is why we saw the severe public resistance from the DA there.

What this means is that we are about to see some serious CHARGES and ARRESTS in regard to some serious cover ups of criminal activity, and it will center around NYC. #DontBlink or you will miss the ascension in consciousness, as humanity brings what was heretofore hidden, into the light so we can bring balance, clear it, and move on. I see that as something that has to be done and it is therefore positive and in the best interest of us all. Blessings.