Our Extraterrestrial Connections

Our Extraterrestrial Connection ebook

Over 80% of humans believe:

  • That life exist outside of Earth
  • That ET’s have visited Earth
  • That the Government is aware of this
  • That they may have created the human race
  • That one day we may have 1st contact

If you are one of this majority, then this book is for you!

14 pages of my personal research as I studied the Nature of Our Reality. Of all the amazing things I learned, among them was the story behind the Grey Federation (the Greys) and how they came about to do detainment of humans in order to gather DNA. I found out that most people do not know the full truth behind this. I also found out what the U.S. government knew and when they knew it. Its in this eBook.

We also explain the Anunnaki and their true connection with humanity. Only about 30% of humanity know this true connection.

This book is not fear based and is about our benevolent Extraterrestrial neighbors and our connects with them. Including the Pleiadians, Sirians, and a few more surprise for you.

I also discuss the future of humanity as it pertains to our Extraterrestrial friends.

It took me about 10 years to learn all this material in this book, but you can learn it all in the time it takes you to read this 14 page eBook. There are plenty of images and links to helpful websites to support the information.

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