Choose to surrender your freedom to choose by choosing to surrender

The Soul is the expression, now individualized, of the “being” that is God. If you have a Soul, and you do, then you are God. Congratulations 🙂 You now get to choose what you believe and those beliefs are what separates you from everything else in Creation. If they are positive beliefs then you will have positive experiences. Human souls have this choice of positive or negative.
In the Spirit world, where we all come from, there is no choice. You HAVE to experience the positive, the loving. See?
So the quickest way to have a positive, loving joyous life is to surrender to Gods will and accept whatever comes. Trust, have faith and watch as positivity and Joy becomes the norm.
But you have to surrender and trust and not CHOOSE negative or judgmental thoughts or beliefs, because then that is the ego and you are choosing again. And God will never override your choice. Even if we choose to be negative and then therefore experience negativity. See?
A life of unconditional love, allowance and acceptance, which has to include forgiveness etc. Will surely guide you to the will of the Creator, where you have no choice, and your happiness is guaranteed. See? 🙂
When you surrender, you are not giving up your power; you are surrendering to the power you already have.

Personal Connection with the Creator Question


Someone on Reddit asked me about my personal connection with the Creator since they felt they did not have a strong one. I replied thusly:

Spirituality IS a personal experience with the Creator. Religion is you having someone else’s experience with the Creator, what they call God.

So spirituality is much more personal. That being said, everything is the Creator. Each of US are the Creator having an experience from a different perspective.

From my perspective I am able to see this connection with the Creator more clearly because I , maybe, have sought it out more. I am a seeker. I seek out truth and what vibrates with me becomes my truth.

I have read many books like Journey of Souls, The “Conversation With God” book series, etc. I have studied most if not all of the videos by Bashar, who is channeled by Daryl Anka. I have joined and practiced Catholicism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism. I have read books by Doreen Virtue on Angels. I have read the autobiography of Edgar Cayce. I have had readings from Brad Johnson who channels a 6th dimensional being from Sirius named Adronis. I have written a book on Extraterrestrial Connections, which contains most of the information I have learned about them. Etc. All these books are available from here.

I mention that to show all I have done in order to seek out the Creator and learn about the Nature of the Reality I exist in. After all this I find that I have a very clear vision of myself as an Eternal Spirit who exists in many dimensions including this one where I am in a body having a physical experience with various limitations. I am on Earth assisting with its Ascension process. The Ascension of humanity is the big story at the moment.

So spirituality is first and foremost about knowing and understanding that you are a spirit. That you are a soul and you were created by thought by an even greater Oversoul. And Oversouls have Oversouls and there are Angelics that oversee these Universes of existence that we know of and call creation.

But I did not know any of this until I sought out my truth in the above books and people and information.

I have an extremely strong connection with the Creator, who is creation. And it gets stronger every day. It is a never ending process. Some of the greatest humans with the greatest connections are what we would call Ascended Masters. Yeshua(Jesus) was an Ascended master who did a lot of re-membering through seeking and learning, in order to demonstrate was possible for a human to grow into, in one lifetime. “I am the way….the father and I are one….you too will do  all this and more…”

So seeing that you are saying that you believe that you do not have a strong personal relationship. I would suggest:

Becoming a seeker. Seek and you surely will find the Creator. Set your intention to this. What you seek is seeking you. Those that expect nothing will also not be disappointed. 🙂

Read! The first word the Archangel Gabriel said to Mohammed when he appeared to him in a cave, the first word of the Koran information given was “READ!”. Because Mohammed was at first unable to read and he had to learn.

So read, watch videos, follow your excitement. Learn. Take what is YOUR truth and move on.

Meditate meditate meditate. Quiet the mind. Praying is talking to God, meditation is listening to God.

Also know that you are not alone or forgotten. It is only a lack of knowledge that continues this illusion of being alone. The Creator knows your name, for in Zion your name is written. It knows what you are feeling and thinking, because your thoughts are its thoughts. I even invite you to know that it was the Creator that both had you ask this question and had me provide this answer to you.

It does not get anymore personal than that dear one 🙂

A thousand Blessings.

How to Handle Doubt

I had a coaching session with a client of mine who asked:

Q. What do you do when you have a period, which seems to come outta the blue, where you begin to doubt that you can achieve what you want?

My response was:

We all have aspirations of what we want to do and want to achieve. We set out intentions and then we take action. Weather it manifests now immediately or not is not important. What is important is that this thing is what we want to do as it excites us; so we follow the excitement with no expectations. We have no expectations as we must allow what happens to happen. All suffering comes from not accepting what IS.

So the formula:

  1. Set the intention
  2. Take action
  3. And accept, accept, allow allow

This way we remain happy as we follow our excitement. 

The reason we MUST accept what IS, is because…what happens if what we want, is not in out best interest? Or what happens if it is not part of the master plan of this life’s experience? Accepting and allowing and trusting that what is IS, is always in our best interest. I have often seen a door close, only to realize later that its closing was the best thing that has ever happened to me. The Universe is always looking out for what is in your best interest. Many of my past girlfriends are a good example of this. I didn’t want to accept it then, but now, later, it was the best thing and a gift from God actually. 🙂

So trust that you are here, and that you will be taken care of. Make your choices on excitement and be fierce in taking action, but allow what is to be what is and accept it. By accepting you feel no pain. If you feel pain or bad about your path, ask, “what am I not accepting here?” And if you’re unable to bring it into balance, ask your Guardian Angels or  ArchAngel Michael to give you the strength and they will. 

It is my hope that by sharing this answer, it may be of assistance to others.