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Synchronicity And The Movie “The Matrix.”

Synchronicity in the movie the Matrix

Synchronicity in the movie the Matrix

‪#‎synchronicity‬, is a when 2 things that could not possibly be connected, are connected, by the divine perfection of the Universe, to show us that all is one and all is connected.

For instance, in the Movie, The Matrix, we see the passport of Neo, a character that discovers that humans are living in a fantasy world that is not what it seems. That there is a power behind their reality that is controlling it and making it seem one way, when it is really not that way. They have been duped, hoodwinked. Neo wakes up and sees the TRUE reality that they have been hiding and as he wakes up, he fights to wake up his fellow humans.

The movie The Matrix came out in 1999. In the movie there is a scene where we see Neo’s U.S. passport. The expiration date of this passport, is September 11, 2001. This movie, again, came out in 1999.

From a Metaphysical level, I am aware that on 9-11-2001 Humanity jumped to a timeline that was designed to AWAKEN us, ultimately. We needed to be shaken awake. To look at our reality and what was going on. A lot of lies were told on that day and many are still not aware or believe that, just like the movie The Matrix, Humanity is being lied to…big time. There has been a lot of discussion about what is true and what is a lie etc. I for one researched it and I walked away 100% sure that 9-11 was an inside job. Believe it or not. Again, that was MY conclusion after thorough research. The smoking gun for me was PHYSICS. The laws of physics would have to break for the official story to be true.

The official story says that the UL2000 steel was melted by jet fuel. Jet fuel can only burn up to 1000 degrees. That is HALF of what the steel is certified at. UL tested steel is no joke. It will not melt at temperature below 2000 degrees. Yet somehow we are told it did. This is not possible.

Also, the buildings fell at what is called “free fall” speed. Free fall speed for buildings the height of the World Trade is 9 seconds. Meaning, if you dropped a metal ball off the towers, it would take 9 seconds to fall to the ground. The buildings went down in 9 seconds!! That is free fall speed. That is also controlled demolition speed. A TRUE building collapse of a building that height, collapsing one floor onto another, on to another, would actually take 90 seconds! This is information that over 200 architects and engineers have reported after they heard the official story, they said, the official story is not possible. It is against the law of physics.

I know some of you are stressed and uncomfortable right about now. The rest of this piece is not for you. It is OK, you can stop reading now. It is for those that are ready to look at this.

So here we have the Universe, in this time of “awakening” NOT telling us what to do, but simply hinting, using #synchronicity in popular movies and tv shows and giving those who are ready to look at what is going on, a clue to what is going on, so that we can stop participating in it.

We have been playing the CONTROL game and the CONTROLLED game for over 5000 years and the grand cycle in which we played this game can come to an end, for those who are ready to choose it. You end the game by simply choosing not to play it anymore.

We knew 2016 would be a tremendous year of change and we have seen some changes have we not? Popes resigning, presidents of Ukraine, Iceland resigning, DNC chairman, whats her name, resigning. Wikileaks after leaks showing us the corruption and the lies. If we choose to believe and see em or not. Whistle blowers after whistle blowers revealing what is being hidden. The drone strikes and endless killing seemingly authorized by no one. U.s Is bombing in Syria even though Congress voted not to bomb in Syria. Obama multiple times signing for the close of Guantanamo bay and his Generals refusing to close the base as ordered. Election scandals and corruption. We are starting to see behind the curtain more and more.

Well the good news is, this is all leading to the idea that the game is ending and all the secrets HAVE to come out and will come out. So between now and the election in November there HAS to be more leaks, more resignations and more peaks behind that curtain. So just prepare for it and as Morpheus says in the The Matrix. “I am only about to show you the truth. Nothing else.” 🙂

I am assuming that the Universe will be addressing our “Secret” agencies and services soon. The 3 lettered agencies, some 4. We will be taking a peak behind their Wizard of Oz curtains that we are not supposed to look at. And the role they play in our political, financial, and media concerns. I assure you, they are not just twiddling their thumbs, and their lack of integrity has to end.

Character is what you say you want to do. Integrity is if you are doing it or not.

Archangel Michael once said: “humanity has to start paying more attention to what their government officials are actually doing and less into what they are saying.”

I have studied and seen a lot of evil. Evil is not what I thought it was. It is not red devils and fire and brimstone or lizard aliens from another world. That is not how evil is. Evil simply lies. Tricks. Gets good people to do evil things without them even being aware of it. Men in uniform, men in secret government services are being lied to and are asked to do evil things that are not only out of integrity and corrupted, but just plain evil, in the name of following orders and being patriotic. There are people in the highest levels of governments who are simply “actors” or “assets” for puppet masters who control their strings and tell them what to say in front of the cameras. These assets are starting to suspect that they are out of integrity but, but they continue to drink the cool-ade saying to them selves “I’m an official asset just doing my patriotic duty, following orders, and I’m getting millions of dollars and taking care of my family. I’m just following orders. I’m just following orders.” These assets are waking up and some are no longer following the orders of corrupt, out of integrity and evil men. Edward Snowden said enough. Chelsea Manning said enough. Thomas Drake said enough. Many are waking up as we enter these last 4 months before the last election of the old United States of America. Because after this one everything will change!

Do not be the last Nazi to say “I was just doing my job.” If its illegal, stop doing it. If its out of integrity, stop doing it. If you are keeping secrets from the American people, stop doing it. All will be revealed anyway.

In the end it will all be OK and very beautiful. If it is not OK and beautiful, then it is simply not the end yet. Look for and share the ‪#‎synchronicities‬. Blessings.



I also just noted the #synchronicity in the name on the passport. Anderson, Thomas A. A.T.A.  A Terrorist attack. If you included the P above the name you can have planned a terrorist attack. If you include the US. of America avove that you have “The United States of America Planned a terrorist attack. 🙂 Blessings

Chris Rock & Robert E. Lee Connection?

Chris Rock is General Robert E. Lee?

Knowing that I have the ability to recall my astral travels, my guides will often answer my questions in the Astral world or dream space at night.

Well unless I am mistaken, the things I saw in the Astral world last night, AKA “dreams,” wound indicate that Chris Rock comes from an Oversoul who also has a life-stream, AKA past life” as General Robert E. Lee.

Chris Rock is General Robert E. Lee?What I saw was myself standing with Chris Rock on a court, maybe a tennis court, and there was a bunch of us and we were all black, as Chris and I both are this lifetime. And we were playing a game, maybe baseball. People were running around the bases ET AL, and I was a catcher maybe and I was worrying that the ball may come my way and I would have to catch it.

Then someone fired or shot something into the air and I saw it land about 500 yards or so ahead in the woods. It landed with a fiery blast. I saw flames as it hit, kind of like a mortar would do as it hit the ground and explodes. Then a bunch of us had to run and retrieve or find the ball so we could continue playing maybe. I was with Chris Rock as we went to retrieve it. On the way, we saw someone on our side who was returning and saying that he could not find the ball.

So we went back or retreated. And when we were back on the court there was some of us who were still talking about it and we were not happy with leaving the ball out there, so we decided to go look for it. We went and searched in an area where I felt it landed. I found the hole and it was slightly larger than normal. Maybe 3 or four times the size of one of those light green tennis balls. It was still warm from the warm Earth from where it landed. I told everyone and we ran back to the court.

In a later scene I saw that me and Chris Rock went to a fence and he was talking to me about something and soon afterwards there was what seemed like a civil war reenactment scene. Or that is what I thought it was. I was just observing now. I saw Chris Rock in a uniform, maybe grey, and he was like a judge that watches the battle and does not take part but makes sure the rules were followed and reports his finding. I saw men in darker uniforms with rifles with bayonets pretending to stab the enemy guys with their bayonets. Chris Rock was running around observing and being kind of animated and comedic as he watched the action. That’s all I can remember.

As I woke, I remembered that a few days earlier I had observed that Chris Rock had a very interesting demeanor, and I wondered who he was in a past life to make him like he is. I pondered that to have a life where you are bringing so much joy to the masses and having such a fun and easy life, has to be in order to balance a life that was as equally hard and on a similar national level where everyone on the planet at the time knew your name. So it seems, as often is the case, that my question was being answered in my astral sojourns. AKA my dreams.

Also before the dream, I did notice that Chris Rock, although a person born in a very Afrocentric environment in New York, like myself, is very well spoken and has Caucasian mannerism, again as do I. Meaning, we crossover well. Something that would be natural for a soul in a black body who was also drawing from experiences, and therefore balancing, another life-stream that was in a Caucasian body.

I believe it is a natural technique for creation to balance itself this way. I am aware of a lifetime that I have had as a colonel in the Confederate Army during the civil war and so I would have had experiences with General Robert E. Lee as I would have served under him during that life-stream.

There Is Synchronicity in the World Population And Ascension

I just found some Ascension synchronicity.

We are approaching 8 Billion people on the Earth. Not sure if we are there yet or not, no way to tell exactly, but this is close to where we are at for total population. This Universe is based on 12, which is why all our time is divisible by 12. 24, 60 min and seconds etc. Well assuming the 12 zodiac signs are distributed evenly, if you divide 8 billion by 12 you get 666666666.666666667. Which is the END TIMES.

Note that thee are 9 digits before the decimal and after. 9 symbolizes COMPLETION which may allude to the completion of the grand cycle which is why Earth is ascending at this time.

Also note that the end cycle is transformative which is highlighted by the last 2 digits 6 and 7 adding up to 13 which is the number of TRANSFORMATION.

So maybe this is revealing that when Earths population hits 8 Billion, and may have done so already, maybe on 12-12-2012 who knows, then this triggers our total change and Earth will Ascend.

Just something I just discovered. Not saying it means anything other than mathematical synchronicity.


Personal Connection with the Creator Question


Someone on Reddit asked me about my personal connection with the Creator since they felt they did not have a strong one. I replied thusly:

Spirituality IS a personal experience with the Creator. Religion is you having someone else’s experience with the Creator, what they call God.

So spirituality is much more personal. That being said, everything is the Creator. Each of US are the Creator having an experience from a different perspective.

From my perspective I am able to see this connection with the Creator more clearly because I , maybe, have sought it out more. I am a seeker. I seek out truth and what vibrates with me becomes my truth.

I have read many books like Journey of Souls, The “Conversation With God” book series, etc. I have studied most if not all of the videos by Bashar, who is channeled by Daryl Anka. I have joined and practiced Catholicism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism. I have read books by Doreen Virtue on Angels. I have read the autobiography of Edgar Cayce. I have had readings from Brad Johnson who channels a 6th dimensional being from Sirius named Adronis. I have written a book on Extraterrestrial Connections, which contains most of the information I have learned about them. Etc. All these books are available from here.

I mention that to show all I have done in order to seek out the Creator and learn about the Nature of the Reality I exist in. After all this I find that I have a very clear vision of myself as an Eternal Spirit who exists in many dimensions including this one where I am in a body having a physical experience with various limitations. I am on Earth assisting with its Ascension process. The Ascension of humanity is the big story at the moment.

So spirituality is first and foremost about knowing and understanding that you are a spirit. That you are a soul and you were created by thought by an even greater Oversoul. And Oversouls have Oversouls and there are Angelics that oversee these Universes of existence that we know of and call creation.

But I did not know any of this until I sought out my truth in the above books and people and information.

I have an extremely strong connection with the Creator, who is creation. And it gets stronger every day. It is a never ending process. Some of the greatest humans with the greatest connections are what we would call Ascended Masters. Yeshua(Jesus) was an Ascended master who did a lot of re-membering through seeking and learning, in order to demonstrate was possible for a human to grow into, in one lifetime. “I am the way….the father and I are one….you too will do  all this and more…”

So seeing that you are saying that you believe that you do not have a strong personal relationship. I would suggest:

Becoming a seeker. Seek and you surely will find the Creator. Set your intention to this. What you seek is seeking you. Those that expect nothing will also not be disappointed. 🙂

Read! The first word the Archangel Gabriel said to Mohammed when he appeared to him in a cave, the first word of the Koran information given was “READ!”. Because Mohammed was at first unable to read and he had to learn.

So read, watch videos, follow your excitement. Learn. Take what is YOUR truth and move on.

Meditate meditate meditate. Quiet the mind. Praying is talking to God, meditation is listening to God.

Also know that you are not alone or forgotten. It is only a lack of knowledge that continues this illusion of being alone. The Creator knows your name, for in Zion your name is written. It knows what you are feeling and thinking, because your thoughts are its thoughts. I even invite you to know that it was the Creator that both had you ask this question and had me provide this answer to you.

It does not get anymore personal than that dear one 🙂

A thousand Blessings.

U.S. Financials May Crash in 2016

And so we see that the “Federal” Reserve, which is simply a PRIVATE CORPORATION, is allowed to basically create and control the money for the United States. This in itself is insane. Power corrupts and ultimate power corrupts ultimately. In our slumber we gave away this power. The Universe, thankfully, is about to BALANCE this and return our financials to us. New systems are already in place for us as currency as the OLD system falls apart in 2016. Bitcoin is one of the new systems of currency that is beyond corruption that is available.
The warning sign that will occur prior to the crashing of the U.S. pawnzey scheme is China. They will throw China, its partner, under the bus first. Then the U.S. financial system will likely follow. Learn about Bitcoin at Bitcoin.org. Blessings.

Achieving Perfect Health

Picture of Bashar

Everything you need to know about obtaining perfect health or healing the body. These 6 alone will reduce or eliminate 99.999999999% of all health conditions on earth.

  1. Oxygen. Our air is highly toxic. Practice cyclic breathing. Have Plants.
  2. Hydration. Our water is highly toxic. 2 quarts of pure water a day minimum.
  3. Reduce Stress. Meditation & better life choices.
  4. Exercise. Helps strengthen and flush toxins.
  5. Detox. Remove Toxins from the body.
  6. Lighten the Diet. Raw & Organic as possible. Low meat.

Positive Meaning In, Positive Experience Out.

Life has no meaning. The only meaning thnigs have, is the meaning we give them.

This is a good opportunity to share that many human do this. Its called “suffering” :-). And it happens when we do not accept what IS. By not accepting we apply a negative label to something and therefore experience the NEGATIVE results.

But all occurrences are NEUTRAL, and have no built in meaning. Notice how the 2 girls have a POSITIVE experience? They did not resist what is, and therefore applied a POSITIVE meaning to the occurrence and you see they are having a very POSITIVE experience.

2 different experience from the same one occurrence. This is because reality was created for Humans to have CHOICE in all that we experience. And now you know the formula choosing your experience; positive label in positive experience out. Negative label in, negative experience out.

Life is actually meaningless. And the only meaning it has, is the meaning we give it. ~Bashar

And notice the boys responses are LEARNED, from his father. His father has been seeding these thoughts that has led the boy to believe another girl would be a negative thing. So we see that all behavior exhibited by humans are learned in our childhood from our parents, family, churches, friends and community.

All suffering is not accepting what is. Now you are aware that all suffering is a choice. We can not un-spill the milk, so it is wise to simply accept it. And if you apply a positive label to the spilling of the milk, you will get a positive experience. I have practiced this for years and the results are amazing. I am always happy now.